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Peace, love, and blueberry-lemon! Brain-boosting healthy fats from organic pumpkin seed butter, chia seeds, and virgin coconut oil give your kiddos the fuel they need to be their best selves. Dried plums and dried blueberries provide just enough natural sweetness, with gluten-free rolled oats and lemon oil rounding out the bright, fruity flavors. 


This snack-time favorite is made from 100% organic ingredients and contains absolutely no juices, syrups, or added sugar of any kind. It’s full of the brain-boosting healthy fats your little rock star needs with absolutely no added preservatives. The whole food ingredients are nutritionally balanced for kids ages 1-3, making Rockstarters Organics especially healthy for the awesome toddler in your life.

Blueberry Lemon Love!

    • Made with 100% organic ingredients
    • Nutritionally balanced for toddlers with optimal amounts of fat and protein
    • No juices, syrups, or added sugar
    • Zero preservatives 
    • Great stand-alone snacks for busy little people that help them feel full and stay full
    • 100% recognizable ingredients and zero junk
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